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Ascot Pledge

As an Ascot Lion I strive to be a Champion.
I pledge to be responsible, respectful, safe, and keep my school and community clean.
I pledge to live with integrity, be proactive, and follow healthy habits to be a successful scholar.
I pledge to find the leader in me and roar with all my heart as an Ascot Champion.

Why this pledge is important

By reciting the Ascot Lion Pledge, students make a personal commitment to uphold the values of responsibility, respect, safety, and community pride. This has a profound impact on their sense of ownership and accountability in several ways:


  1. Personal responsibility: By promising to be responsible, students acknowledge that their actions have consequences and take ownership of their decisions. They understand that they are accountable for their own behavior and its impact on themselves and others.
  2. Accountability to peers: When students make this pledge together, they hold each other accountable for upholding the values. This creates a sense of collective responsibility, where students encourage and support one another in making positive choices.
  3. Sense of belonging: By committing to the pledge, students feel a stronger connection to their school community. They recognize that they are part of a larger group working together towards a common goal, which fosters a sense of belonging and accountability to the community.
  4. Reflection and self-awareness: The pledge encourages students to reflect on their actions and their impact on others. This self-awareness helps them identify areas for improvement, take ownership of their mistakes, and make amends when necessary.
  5. Empowerment: By making a commitment to themselves and their community, students feel empowered to make positive changes. They understand that they have the power to create a positive impact and take ownership of their role in shaping their school culture.

By impacting students' sense of ownership and accountability, the Ascot Lion Pledge helps create a positive and supportive school culture where students take pride in their actions and strive to be their best selves.